Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tickets to Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia 2012 from Hitz.FM


So from the tittle you know I've just won another contest but I keep asking myself what am I doing with life. I join all this contests and events but if it doesn't help me in the future then what's the point? Will this land me a job? Will this feed me? No, I keep asking myself why am I so keen in all this but not my studies.
What good is all this if its not a working job. It's my second year in college but I find myself slacking and failing. I try yes I do but my heart isn't there. I'm afraid oh yes I am~I pray someone would hear my cry and hire me so I would actually get a job attending events like this to feed myself.

After 4 years we meet again but this time you didn't do any meet and greet. Thanks to I won the best tickets to catch you live again. As amazing as always. I sang my heart out and was mesmerized by you once again~

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