Tuesday, March 27, 2012

KL Trip (19-27 March 2012)

19 : Left Penang with a Baskin Brownie Sundae
20 : Reach KL. Chilled at home
21 : Went to The Curve for lunch. Walked the whole e@Curve/played at the arcade. Bought a nike cap. Attended Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge
23/24 : Attended TwinTowers @LIVE 2012
24/25 : Paintball Photography during MPOC 2012 2nd Leg. Tony Roma's for dinner. Bought new sunnies and a pair of Nike Court Majestic kicks. 3 paintball tees
26 : Chilled at home
27 : Aeroline 1U 8.30AM reached 2nd home around noon. Got followed RT replied from Orianthi. Stayed in Starbucks Borders till 5ish then went home

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