Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jayesslee Asia Tour LIVE in KL, Malaysia 2012

So the twins are back again and I was hoping to win tickets for the concert. They came last year but I couldn't make it. I was blessed enough to win tickets from Seventeen Magazine Malaysia and Advertlets.

I reached the venue at 3PM cause I was afraid of the infamous "KL Jam".
Collected my normal pair that I won from Seventeen Magazine Malaysia at 5PM

I was fortunate enough to get access to the press conference which started at 5PM but ended up starting at 5.50PM due to "unforeseen circumstances". The press conference was attended by various media but I was surprised that only a handful came when it was catered to fit around 40 people. 3 others and myself were the ones representing Advertlets. So the floor kicked off with the organizers from Creative Central introducing the girls Janice and Sonia of Jayesslee(at this point I was fangirling and trying to contain my excitement inside) and then the Q&A session. Honestly, I wanted to ask a couple of questions but I was too nervous to and the girls were super sweet and humble answering them all. Half an hour later the session closed and we had a picture taking session and I manged to get their autographs.

After the press conference I had some time to kill before the doors open at 7.30PM, so I walked around with my friend Vincent and just feeling blessed that we didn't have to Q to go in. Went in at around 6.20PM to scope for potential spots to take pictures from and to check out the hall. I had to walk in and out so many times cause my guest were confusing me. Finally all was well and we managed to catch up while waiting for the show to start. With my luck I managed to secure front row seats for them, the closest I could with the normal tickets.

The concert started at 8PM with three opening acts(more info on them read here) till 8.50PM when Jayesslee finally came out after continuous chants from the crowd. They sang their hearts out and their personality shone throughout the whole concert. Apart from hearing them sing, my favorite parts were when the twins were fighting, gossiping and interacting with the crowd. Oh and not forgetting the part when they instagramed us!

Songs they sang =
  1. Jet Lag by Simple Plan
  2. Secrets by One Republic
  3. I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz
  4. Safe And Sound by Taylor Swift
  5. Coming Home by Skylar Grey(Jayesslee Remix)
  6. Cry In My Heart by Starfield 
  7. Goodbye Baby by Miss A
  8. Thank You by The Katinas
  9. Payphone by Maroon 5 
  10. Failure in Disguise(my personal fav)
  11. Amazing Grace
  12. Dare You To Move by Switchfoot
  13. Price Tag by JessieJ
The show ended at 10PM and I caught up with loads of people before going back. My friends wanted to catch a glimpse of the twins as they were going to the same room as the press conference for an autograph session(VVIP only). Got lost in KL with Ada and the GPS then ended up taking a detour to Hainan Coffee before she dropped me home at half past midnight. The End~

Ending the post with a shot of us xD

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