Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Batman The Dark Knight Rises

A week ago I watched IceAge4 but it was an experience I chose not to blog about but just saying.
Anyway 2PM my buddy picked me up and we went to 1st Avenue to watch. Reached like 20mins before the movie started so we went to eat at NextStop. He had a fish and chip while I took away a popcorn shrimp set. Claimed my free 2 IceAge4 combos which consisted of a a fanta fozen grape/orange and a regular caramel popcorn. One thing I don't like is TGV Cinemas portions and too freaking huge. Even when I order the small one. Anyways the movie was amazing, I would watch it again(if I say this it means the movie is good enough for me to) After the movie he dropped me off at Gurney while he went for his french class. I wandered around and ended up at my usual spots(ToysRUs, Sony, Popular, Switch, Boost) and had dinner with him at like 9ish in Nandos then he fetched me back. Reached home at 10ish. I want to point out that I refrained from buying Tech Decks and Mightybeanz Season4 when I saw them selling at Toys. I wanted so badly though!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I had doubts about this movie and I was half right. The first part of the movie was super BORING. Second part wasn't that bad, it was kinda enjoyable but I still hate this movie. You are better off watching The Amazing SpiderMan again

Friday, July 6, 2012

Penang Youth Jam 2012 - Sony CyberShot National Blogger Festival and Contest

What can I do with a Sony CyberShot WX100 in my daily life?

Well it means I have a camera I can carry without having to worry about bringing my DSLR out and lugging the weight which I have been doing all these while. This is the world's smallest and lightest high zoom camera(10x zoom) which is perfect for me because I'm a person who needs a good zoom capabilities on my camera and with bonus full HD video quality to record my daily activities and vlogs that I do with a touch of a dedicated MOVIE button. At 18.2MP I know my pictures will turn out amazing even in low light and it's easily view on a clear photo LCD monitor . Oh and the high speed auto focus will never miss another shot ever again. 9 pictures effect mode for easy touch up and editing on the go without the need to use a computer to do so. Sony has always been my choice for cameras because of its sleek, stylish and compact body which sets it apart from the rest and I know it will never let me down. It comes in colors like black, grey, silver white, pink and brown and its really affordable price how can you not choose this camera as the camera to record your memories with? The WX100 takes advantage of Sony's new Advance Aspherical(AA) lens which boost zoom range while allowing a far smaller lens body. The lens goes from a wide angle 25mm equivalent to 250mm and has a maximum aperture of f/3.3.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Love the that peter is a skater with sleek moves and cool suit! Watched with ZH. Had so many inside jokes during the movie that made it hilarious. Watched the 11 fourty movie at GSC Queensbay and was surprised to see 3/4 of the cinema filled. Geeking out over Andrew Garfield hehehe <3

I can't stop thinking about you. If you were here I would love to plan your birthday for you :(