Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Batman The Dark Knight Rises

A week ago I watched IceAge4 but it was an experience I chose not to blog about but just saying.
Anyway 2PM my buddy picked me up and we went to 1st Avenue to watch. Reached like 20mins before the movie started so we went to eat at NextStop. He had a fish and chip while I took away a popcorn shrimp set. Claimed my free 2 IceAge4 combos which consisted of a a fanta fozen grape/orange and a regular caramel popcorn. One thing I don't like is TGV Cinemas portions and too freaking huge. Even when I order the small one. Anyways the movie was amazing, I would watch it again(if I say this it means the movie is good enough for me to) After the movie he dropped me off at Gurney while he went for his french class. I wandered around and ended up at my usual spots(ToysRUs, Sony, Popular, Switch, Boost) and had dinner with him at like 9ish in Nandos then he fetched me back. Reached home at 10ish. I want to point out that I refrained from buying Tech Decks and Mightybeanz Season4 when I saw them selling at Toys. I wanted so badly though!

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