Friday, December 16, 2011

Coke Semangat Truck 2011 in Penang

Event page on Facebook -link-

So finally at approx 10AM I finally caught the coke truck at Sunshine Square, Bayan Lepas. I was tracking it since yesterday 5PM when they said they would be going to Pesta so I made plans to attend it with 2 of my friends. I overshot and spent RM15 to take a taxi from Tesco to Pesta.

I saw the truck, it looked like it just arrived cause I saw the staff setting up. I casually chatted with one of the guys there telling him about my "adventure" and he said there wasn't anyplace to park the truck so they went to Esplanade/Komtar for their stop.
Took my place in the Q and it was crawling by very slowly. Finally it was my turn to press the button and I held my breath and braced for what I will be getting. Low behold I received the skateboard. Maybe I was dressed up as a skaterish looking person.
Wow thanks coke a day before my birthday and this is one of the best gifts I have.
I cannot thank coke for finally coming to Penang, Malaysia(I know this cause I'm guilty of spamming them to come haha) Said goodbye to the staff and hear their last Penang stop is at AutoCity

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