Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rise of the Guardians

Watched it with Emma cause she was back and we we're due for a meet up, if I'm not mistaken. I haven't seen her since Jan 2010 when I sent her off at the airprot. Met up in 1st Avenue. Movie day so RM8. Had lunch in Sakae Sushi, caught up on life then movie. I can relate to Jack Frost

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twenty in a Month

So I haven't blogged recently. Lazy? Blocked? Well anyways, just a little update here. Hmm I've started to become more deadly in my posts online. I should shut up because people are starting to care about me. Screw this now they care? I need a drink but I can't cause bloody mum giving me grief about it. Trying to see the light but so far all I can see is the darkness that's consuming me. I'm glad to have someone like him but it's not the same when we're miles apart from each other. I wish someone near me could sense the pain I am in and be here for me when I need them the most. Oh well this pain won't go away anytime soon and I fear the worst for my future

Monday, November 12, 2012

Paintball World Cup Asia 2012

Back from Langkawi. A whirlwind of emotions was opened during the event and I've never felt more confused with life. Click here for pictures

7th November - Woke up at around 7-8AM because I was so excited(ok I haven't really completely packed finish) Left the house lugged 2 bags and a backpack via rapid to the airport. Reached checked in and waited 11.30AM, was supposed to go in at 12.30PM. There's a McCafe and no more Coffee Bean. Feeling so happy that I'm going back to Langkawi. Touched down in
Langkawi International Airport at 2PM(fifteen minutes ahead of schedule) Saw a few paintballers from Penang, Indonesia on the same flight(paintball brands always a dead giveaway) 4PM finally settled down in room 414 in One Hotel Helang. Merv bought McD for me then I went to Mahsuri Hall(the venue) hung around ProPaintball then went for dinner with them bought a couple of supper stuff then reached back at 10PM and crashed at 11PM I think. Today was supposed to be Malaysia's 711 Day Bring Your Own Cup deal for RM2.20 too bad the nearest 711 is on the other side of the island(jetty) so I had to miss this years one

8th November - Breakfast then the hall for the clinics at 11AM(Infamous 11-2PM, Maximus Lundqvist 5-7, Dynasty Sharing is Caring Seminar 6-8) which ended at 8PM then captains meeting till 9. Friends ditched me and went for dinner so lucky I had food in the room. Around 10.30PM met up with my team for a meeting. Oh and I got a sweet ID tag for this event

9th November - Woke up around 5-6AM, breakfast then off to the field. Ten ten went back to the room to grab something I forgot. Even if it's a walking distance to the hotel I still dread it. Around 1-2PM had to rest in the room for awhile. 7PM finished everything and went back even though I wanted to stay and watch ICC which was still going on but Allan said I had to attend(important social media updated job and he mentioned I was sitting with Dynasty boys) which was starting in 30 mins. So rushed back and got ready, had a slight problem on what to wear but I ended up wearing my formal stuff that I brought. Walked back to a beautiful scene I will never get tired of seeing(sunsets). Eighty thirty official dinner but it only started at 9PM and I was starving. Ended up sitting with TonTons boys(awkwardness to the max, cause they spoke french and was kinda loud) Slept around 1ish after completing the scores

10th November - Field till midnight, rested and went for the losers party till 3ish(super stimmed at the point and I still gotta update some scores). Hung with posion ivy most of the time. Met blink and goldfish. Weird people in the pool and sausage fest. Slept around 5AM

11th November - Supported my team(Rocketeers) and my che Mei Lin came as well(didn't play cause she is busy working no time to train anymore). Walked around scoping Mr WCA(awkward) 7 forty ICC semis just started when they were supposed to start at five. My team was hungover from last night only one came at 10AM. The others came at like 2ish. Got my autographs from the teams. 8 fifteen Mahathir arrived wanted to do a sneak solo while walking infront of him but my big head blocked(epic fail) Dinner I sat with some destiny gals(was messaging Linn from Posion Ivy cause planned to sit with them but failed) Had a pretty good time with them(hilarious stuff which cannot be shared) 11 thirty players party. Partied VIP style thanks to my bosses. Soloed with most of people before getting doused in beer. Thank god for my friend who saved me. Left around 3 went back to the room to talk. Walked around the hotel at six. Crashed at 7something(waned to grabbed breakfast but my body was like SLEEP NOW)

12th November - Woke up around 10-11AM roommates still "out cold" They went out around 12-1PM and I just chilled in my room waiting for Dad to arrive. Brought me KFC and then said my last byes to Linh, Cat, Paul, Sonny, Kat then went round island. Ended up beaching(sun super bright but it was damn windy) Failed cable car again 3 times. Jetty around 6PM went to fila Dad saw sale 70% and ended up buying some kicks. Got a bottle of Bacardi and chocs before rushing to our gate. 9PM I thought I arrived in Penang but it was actually Kuala Kedah. Had dinner in some Tesco and a mango icy(saw a car show) Reached home 2 mins before midnight