Wednesday, March 20, 2013

McDonald's Check-in for a Shake Review

The promo is from 19 March-15 April.
I was like why not just join it since finally they have milkshakes sold. 
Checked the site and found the nearest location was Komplex Bukit Jambul(other places in Penang - Sunshine Square, Tesco Penang, Prangin Mall, Tesco Tanjung Tokong and note only in the "desert kiosks"). I felt cheated RM5 for a small cup of milkshake isn't worth it. Last time it was medium-nearly large for a shake and it cost about the same. 
What a ripoff! 
Honestly McD if you are trying to profit from this at least give us bigger cups for the milkshake and we'll keep buying more.
Might do it just for the sake of winning again

Update from 12/4/13 -

I WON!!!


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