Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tiffany Alvord Merch : Smiley Dog Tags

Ordered on the 6/4/13
Confirmed by the site on the 10/4/13
Shipped on the 13/4/13
Received and confirmed on the 30/4/13
I have 7120 points up to date

Cost me 1200 points to redeem(bonus guitar picks included + letter + embossed autograph), next might get the other Dog tag necklace and ring set(3600 points) or a 15 min skype chat with Tiff(10k points)
Still deciding
Thanks to Tiffany, the Momager Cherie and street team.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Avril Lavigne Surprise Showcase LIVE in LA

Avril why did you have to approve my invite for your mini concert at The Viper Room? Really heartbreaking I can't give my friend as well cause our birthdays are in dec so we aren't 21 yet and AFTER you send me another email asking me for my fav picture of the night. Really? Avril? Really?

This made me cry link

Saturday, April 20, 2013

KL Trip (16-20 April 2013)

16 : Reached KL. Fetched JessicaT back
17 : Korean dinner with Dad and talked about Japan
18 : Met up with Sheikh(driver) and EE for food at Ikea. Nabs Alianna for a chill session in  Hard Rock Cafe KL
19 : Home
20 : Penang bound with Dad

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Host

Eventful monday of getting subed by attractions, risked my life for sheikh, watched team youtube nearly got elimination, doubled my tea secret RM14, completed my ballloon fiesta 2013 and Tiffany Alvord KL videos,  talking with attractions about wwohp universal studios japan and camp spin off about this years camp, tanner patrick approved me on skype oh and not forgetting this awesome movie that I watched and got student price of RM6.
Kinda felt abit down but thanks to the people who cheered me up

Saturday, April 6, 2013

G.I Joe: Retaliation

Cheng Beng, Shopping for shirts and 2 jackets, 3D movie with Dad reached home at 2AM

Notes -
Sometimes we can't control the feelings inside us, as some overcome all that we are. Consuming our soul & fueling from our deepest fears. We try to deny what's too hard to comprehend...we try to repel the truth, too devastating to accept. We hide between that which brings us comfort from pain and sadness. You'll know in time...everything has its purpose

In the art of war, if you know the enemy and know yourself. You need not fear the approaching battles...But if you know only yourself and not the enemy... For every victory there will also be defeat.

I once made a promise to always look out for you

Sacrifice demands the surrender of things we cherish above all else. Only out of the agony of those losses can a new resolution be born.

When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Give it one more try"

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tiffany Alvord Asia Tour 2013 : KL, Malaysia

The weekend with Tiffany is finally over. Just sent her off last night at KLIA. Managed to hang with her for awhile before her flight to Singapore then to USA

Was kinda nervous in meeting her, don't get me wrong. I get nervous every time I meet a celeb(wong fu productions, simple plan, orianthi) so yeah was kinda freaking out a lil when she told me to just start with a hello. I always have this fear of being speechless, breaking down or something. Stupid yeah but that's how I feel. What do I say, what do I do. You know that kinda usual things one may expect to feel but I think I'll be calm.

27th : Took a bus down

28th : Planned to welcome her at the airport, was debating with myself on what time she was gonna arrive. I guess about 3ish KLIA but I didn't have transport and lucky I couldn't make it cause it was at LCCT

29th : Went out for dinner at The Curve hoping to meet her(was thinking if she was gonna have a sound check/check out the venue) but she had an interview at 8TV. Rushed back to watch the segment and managed to call in. It's like what? I called twice and got in. Okay this point I freaking out cause I had so many questions to ask her but ended up they gave me a question to ask her and I can't believe I choked on the question. Urgh "If you could colab with any artist/non-youtuber who would it be" Answer was "Taylor Swift" btw. So yeah the signal was kinda fuzzy so I think that I could play that off. After hanging up I was thinking oh no if this was how I talked to her then what happens when I see her for real.

30th : Reached the venue around 3PM and collected my ticket then went to Burger King for food and met up with Wan before arriving at the venue again to meet up with Syera and Farah. Found a wall plug and sat there till like 6PM when "Tiffany's Crew aka her brothers and dad"(Trent, Tyler, Travis, Kurt) set up the merch. My friends were up front so I was chatting with them for a bit till Kurt suddenly said hey to me when he saw me. I thought he recognized me or something. So yeah I said hi back and said you look busy so we'll chat later. I could feel eyes burning into my back as we were talking and I hated that kinda attention(always had always will but I gotta just ignore it) After my friends bought the stuff we lined up to go into the hall and I met my other person Cyndi who was already sitting at the reserve seats which I got with my name(jaw drops moment) After half an hour or so I was feeling kinda bored so I went to find the dad and brothers. Had a nice time talking to them and my friends came to "disturb" haha Around 8.30PM I was back in my seat and tweeted then my friends were freaking out cause she replied(LOL moment I couldn't stop laughing at their reaction irl. It's so different than online freaking out mode) 3 opening acts then she came out. Her voice is amazing and the last best bit was when we we're all out and jamming to So Alive.

When it was finally my turn she said finally and gave me a hug. I replied with yeah it took forever

31st : Around 2PM met up with Jason and Syera cause I asked about their plans and planned to meet up with her at 3PM under the KL twin towers ;) Waited till about 5PM and as I was leaving she told me they just got there and I missed her. I told her I was heading to the airport already so I will see her there. 7PM she said they would be on "malaysia air" and we didn't realize till Jason suddenly asked and turns out it was at KLIA(we were at LCCT) Rushed and suddenly lost our car at the carpark. Managed to reach by 8.15PM at hanged with the fam till 10PM when they left.

1st : Left KL with a heavy heart. The heaviest it's been for a long time

Memories made will never be forgotten. It will always remain with me

Uploaded the rest of the pictures here