Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hennessy Artistry @ SPICE aka the old PISA

Hennessy Artistry is back in Penang...this time it's 10 mins away from my house so how can I not attend? 
For the first time I was "early" to the party even after I had dinner around the area too. It was alright, got a heads up on the signature drinks that were served throughout the event and I could wander around to see if I would meet some friends of mine or at least try to. Doors opened at 7.30PM but knowing the delays I guessed the event will only kick off around 9-10PM *cough* 10PM.
Finally after a couple of drinks and mingling with humans I headed to my table. Honestly, I wanted to just sit down and chillax cause it was too freaking packed but I cannot argue with the fact it'll always be packed no matter what location they put it.
24 Herbs started the event with a bang.
Surprise guests like Dennis Lau and Alexis Chean also performed a couple of songs before the DJ's(Andy Murphy and Nicole Chen) came out to really make the crowd go wilder. The party went on till around 1PM and bottles of water were given out. I only got one cause they were all gone. They confiscated my water at the start of the event too. Feeling so dehydrated on my way home but it was a night to be remembered as it was also my last time hanging with my friends before they left. The photobooth was a fun touch but I wished they brought in some games like the previous years.


Check out the pictures from the event or from Hennessy Malaysia here

Pictures taken with the photo-booth Hennessy provided and one from Emily's camera that I jacked haha

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