Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meeting the Minions @ TGV Cinemas One Utama

I rushed after Day2 of Cheer 2013 for the last slot of the appearance and won 2 pairs of tixs sadly the screening for DM2 was on the 7th and I wasn't in KL so I gave it to my couz. Manged to get pictures with my fav characters =)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

AIA Kpop LIVE in KL, Malaysia 2013

I was losing hope on winning tickets but the night before Penang Youths did a contest at 9-midnight. The person with the most shares got a VIP ticket(I thought a pair with one winner too bad) Won with like 98 shares of the picture, I then called my dad at 1AM and he allowed me to. Took a 10AM bus but it was delayed till 11.40AM then we were off. We got a bus persiaran cause the bus had problems, oh and I met Vim(ex tennis friend) and his mum he gave me a donut :D Reached 1U around 5PM chilled in CBTL till Dad fetched me at 6PM then we were off to the venue. Reached around 8.30PM met the person who was gonna give me the ticket then I was alone. Unfortunately I couldn't get an extra ticket to invite my friend so as usual I went to the concert alone(hoping I would meet a friend or two maybe) Went to redeem my dinner and looked for my gate. They were crazy lotsa humans I thought it's cause kpop concert but apparently it was a AIA event so family members even attended. Found my seat and someone familiar called me out, apparently it was a friend I met before during Penang Youth Jam 2011/12 not sure which year. She was a die hard kpopper and my ears "gone" after the concert...during and all throughout. Memories of Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour 2010 came crawling back to me cause I was sitting around the same area as then. Finally got to catch Beast in concert after missing x4 chances including one earlier this year during the Golden Disk Awards. The concert ended at 11.30PM. Oh and they gave out water which is good/rare. My first kpop concert and I can say that the fans are insane! It was by far one of the loudest if not loudest concert I've attended to date.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Man Of Steel

Also known is Superman v2.0
I went to watch this movie with high expectations and it was crushed.
Being a huge fan I didn't expect this movie to be so bad(I've watched the first version that was made in year 2000 something I think and followed the Smallville series on TV till it was cut season 4 was as far as I could remember watching. The other series I was upset is One Tree Hill. Both got 9 seasons and I wanna get the full set but it's way too expensive and the online sites I've used to watch on was blocked. Megaupload and one more I have forgotten)
The only thing I enjoyed was the school bus scene, everything else was a waste of money spent(RM12)
Don't watch it. It's very bad

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chien Wen's 21st

She invited me and my mums gang, roy, wen, shaun, aunty(doreens, hai pin, saw im) We played a round of jenga(filmed a slowmo but the quality was bad sigh) Wanted to do a video but quality wasn't there so here are some of the pics taken from the day at Goh Kaki from 7-10pm

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tech Deck Board Shop

RM70 for the set. There are other kinds but I wanted the one with the penny so I got this and it looks nicer than the rest. Saw one The Simpsons set. This is the one that came with an almost sticker.
Got a darkstar black dipped, almost cruiser, pink penny australia, almost cruiser. Not sure why it's called the almost set(referring to the sticker I got) when half is not I think it's called assorted.
Got this cause the darkstar and penny caught my eye. Wanted to get a world industries one cause the graffiti was damn cool. RM25 compared to this set, got this instead and bought a lego minifigures series10. Wanted the paintball but got a repairman(unlucky) Oh and this was bought from Toys R Us, Queensbay, Penang, Malaysia

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hard Rock Penang Founder's Day 2013 Celebration

So it's that time of the year again where I try my best to win the 2D1N stay at a lagoon room(3rd place cap sounds better to me though) I had doubts attending cause I couldn't find a gang to go with but last min I did. The registration this time was RM20(for charity) the previous two years I got second(brownie) and fourth(apple pie) place. Luck was with me and I finally won the third place I always wanted but it was kinda pressure because the staffs were like cheering me on to win first and my rival didn't participate this year. Oh well got luck from my friends but it wasn't enough sadly.
Wasn't in the mood to take pictures so that's all I had, hoped their photog had some decent pics of me in action but nope sadly.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It was epic! 2 thumbs up! Was hesitant at first cause who can beat bugs life and it's from the creators of ice age/rio which I hated. Took a leap of faith and it paid off. Nice work on the movie

Gonna share some quotes I got from watching : 
  • Many leaves one tree aka family
  • Nobody's alone even if you feel that way
  • Your here for a reason you might not see it but you do. Open your eyes and enjoy the ride of life
  • The best memories are never forgotten and bad ones are harder to forget
  • You get the easy part, I get the fun part
  • Who gives up everything for a world that isn't theirs?
  • Stronger together
  • I always hope if I proved it to her, you know. She would understand 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

KL Trip (31st May-4 June 2013)

31st : Airasia to LCCT. Last day happy hour frapp. Chatted with Tiff till 8ishpm memories of the airport send off was so vivid
1st : Genting Highlands Awana Golf and country resort for After earth laser tag
2nd : Left Genting
3rd : Midvalley
4th : 1U hanged with Nabilah then home. Nearly missed Queens stop lucky someone woke me up. Super sick