Thursday, June 27, 2013

AIA Kpop LIVE in KL, Malaysia 2013

I was losing hope on winning tickets but the night before Penang Youths did a contest at 9-midnight. The person with the most shares got a VIP ticket(I thought a pair with one winner too bad) Won with like 98 shares of the picture, I then called my dad at 1AM and he allowed me to. Took a 10AM bus but it was delayed till 11.40AM then we were off. We got a bus persiaran cause the bus had problems, oh and I met Vim(ex tennis friend) and his mum he gave me a donut :D Reached 1U around 5PM chilled in CBTL till Dad fetched me at 6PM then we were off to the venue. Reached around 8.30PM met the person who was gonna give me the ticket then I was alone. Unfortunately I couldn't get an extra ticket to invite my friend so as usual I went to the concert alone(hoping I would meet a friend or two maybe) Went to redeem my dinner and looked for my gate. They were crazy lotsa humans I thought it's cause kpop concert but apparently it was a AIA event so family members even attended. Found my seat and someone familiar called me out, apparently it was a friend I met before during Penang Youth Jam 2011/12 not sure which year. She was a die hard kpopper and my ears "gone" after the concert...during and all throughout. Memories of Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour 2010 came crawling back to me cause I was sitting around the same area as then. Finally got to catch Beast in concert after missing x4 chances including one earlier this year during the Golden Disk Awards. The concert ended at 11.30PM. Oh and they gave out water which is good/rare. My first kpop concert and I can say that the fans are insane! It was by far one of the loudest if not loudest concert I've attended to date.

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