Monday, June 17, 2013

Tech Deck Board Shop

RM70 for the set. There are other kinds but I wanted the one with the penny so I got this and it looks nicer than the rest. Saw one The Simpsons set. This is the one that came with an almost sticker.
Got a darkstar black dipped, almost cruiser, pink penny australia, almost cruiser. Not sure why it's called the almost set(referring to the sticker I got) when half is not I think it's called assorted.
Got this cause the darkstar and penny caught my eye. Wanted to get a world industries one cause the graffiti was damn cool. RM25 compared to this set, got this instead and bought a lego minifigures series10. Wanted the paintball but got a repairman(unlucky) Oh and this was bought from Toys R Us, Queensbay, Penang, Malaysia

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