Thursday, July 11, 2013

Deswyn Wan to Africa

Hey you just left Penang and heading to KL before leaving Malaysia for 2 years. I've known you for 9 years(my whole floorball life) You've always been like a brother and a idol to me. I remember back in the old days when we were training in Dalat. Even if I was one of the youngest kids there you gave me the chance to play with you guys(I wonder why I always got put into your team) and the drive to improve even when I was gonna give up. I still have that Youthwave book that featured you and Jeremy(lost it somewhere in my house or I would had asked for an autograph haha)
Over the years I've been a less of a player but you've always encouraged me to continue playing. One time you even made me captian(Innechicks) and that competition I tried my best to carry the team but I fell short. I beat myself up after it cause I felt I let you down. Soon after I lost the will to continue floorball but I still practice at home. Penny's been asking me to get my butt to state training but I don't know am I good enough that's why I rejected the offer(out of fear of what could have been)

During the airport I was quiet cause I didn't know what to say. Just cherishing the time we have before you left. Wanted to tease you but I couldn't and when you gave me the hug, a few tears strayed when I saw yours but I held them back.
You will be missed and even we don't hangout(only seeing each other during floorball which was a year ago)
Brother, friend, mentor, coach and adviser

Hope you won't forget me
Lim Yimei

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