Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jason Chen and Clara C LIVE in KL, Malaysia

At 10.10AM I met up with the team at LCCT and brought them to Marrybrown to eat while waiting for the organizers to arrive. 12.20pm loaded the bags and it was off to the hotel with the team. 2ish arrived at Bentley Music Auditorium to set up. 5PM the ticketing counters were open and the earliest fans came at around 4PM. Soundcheck party delayed 6-7.20PM then Hitz.FM meet&greet(suddenly became the photog when I was gonna take my dinner break) till 8PM then I went to have IKEA meatballs cause I was hungry. Doors opened at 8PM but I only reached back at 8.40PM. Met up with MY_JC(Malaysian Jason Chen Fans) for abit and mingled outside the hall before going in to set up and prep for the concert which started at 9.40PM. Charis Ow sang 3 songs. Sheikh Eamir 3 songs. Jason Chen came out at 10.15PM then special guest Mandy Star sang a song. Clara C ended the show at 10.40PM. Meet&Greet 12.30PM-1.40AM(by this time I just wanna go back and crash) Thank god I had my cousin who was my assistant for this event. Would have died a long time ago if it wasn't for him helping me out.

The next day arrived at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus same LT hall where Wong Fu Productions did their event. at 3PM. Stayed till around 5PM then end.

Till the next time we meet again~

More pictures can be found here -link-

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