Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tiffany & Kim Alvord Stage It LIVE in London

Ever since I heard about this event I was wondering  how on earth can I get tickets to it seeing as one needs to have a paypal account to buy a ticket. I was fortunate enough to get one from a friend on the 14/7/13.

On the night before the concert I went to get my caffeine and sugar fix in a form of Starbucks Venti Caramel Frap XTRA no cream x2(lucky they had the ramadan promo of buy free 1) and then I was debating weather I should sleep or not. Took a risk and decided not to, just drink the coffees and hopefully it'll last me throughout the time needed for me to stay awake.
How did I keep myself entertained while waiting for it to start? By playing games!
It totally worked and in no time at all I was eagerly waiting for the concert to start. Who knew I would be staying up just so I can watch them "live"
Actually even if I didn't attend I would still be awake. The concert lasted till around 5.42AM and I told everyone to meet up at the chat to continue "after party". Talked. played trivia it was a good time with the people who were there!
Oh and while in the chat, she came on for abit :D Everyone was shocked(this is an understatement more like the picture bellow)
Stayed up till around 11AM before crashing for like 2 hours then woke up again cause it was too hot to continue sleeping. Good thing was I finally broke outta my "shell" and interacted with other tiffanatics. 

The concert was alright(kinda guessed she will sing songs like my heart is, so alive, both of us, glad you came and she did) but I felt that Stage It streaming quality should be better. I mean come on with the technology today, it's not hard to do it in HD but maybe it was the internet or camera so I can't blame it.

It's certainly not the last time I will catch another concert but it will have to depend on my mood. Seeing as this was on a saturday I was like what the heck why not?! So yeah all the hype on Tiffany will be in London makes me miss her lots.
Twitter works but it's not the same.

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