Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe Foxwoods 7th Anniversary Pin

Just wanted to share an amazing pin. It's an awesome dreamcatcher and the first I own.
Gonna hope that the good stays and bad goes away from now onwards.

Got this x2 and a berlin dragon from the trade

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The buddy ajak'd me out to watch this movie, I thought it was some horror thing and then I read the synopsis and I willingly agreed cause the other choices were percy jackson, mortal instruments and planes so yeah. The movie was like a mix of after earth/wall-e kinda real life scenario. Crazy guy wanted to catch the 11.55AM show -_-

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Internship

Most memorable scene was Quidditch and the Google HQ was amazing as always. Solo but it was all good

Monday, August 5, 2013

Dream to work for MTV World Stage 2013

Have you ever envied the person/team behind MTV Asia's social media websites(twitter, facebook, instagram) posting everything related to world stage? Well now you can stand a chance to be an insider during this event. All you gotta do is to write a blogpost/shoot a 2 min video convincing them why you should be THE one for the job.
It's a tough job but I bet I can do it with my eyes closed, so I'm 100% joining it. It would be a crime not to be selected .

2 weeks left till the contest ends or you can try to win passes from the website. Not easy but worth it cause this year line up is

Robin Thicke
Far East Movement
Joe Flizzow

More deets about the contest -link-
More deets about world stage -link-

Sunday, August 4, 2013

VidCon 2013

Humans who I know attending and died cause they've been posting stuff -
@ijustine @clevvertv @YouNow @TiffanyAlvord @Strawburry17 @JoeyGraceffa @jennaezarik @sWooZ1e @MysteryGuitarM @coollike @JacksGap @FinnHarries @TacoBell @Fullscreen @ChrissyCostanza @KurtHSchneider @Maxgschneider @BertiebertG @thefinebros @LiaMarieJohnson @SawyerHartman @tyleroakley @megannicole @TheRealGrimmie @DanaWardOnline @danisnotonfire @AmazingPhil  @awesomenesstv @tanyaburr @nikkiinhollywood @shanedawson @CoolStoryJon @TTLYTEALA @tylerwardmusic @JimsTweetings @buckhollywood @sampepper @gardinersisters @catrific @devinsupertramp @smoshanthony @patrickzfilms @jaibrooks95 @huntermarch @MadilynBailey @LandonAustin @LukeConard @SamTsui @ATC_BAND @chestersee @TobyTurner @ERBofHistory @kassemg @devinsupertramp @Traphik @fwong @smosh @shaycarl @missglamorazzi @TevinAlvord @TrentAlvord @douga_ @AlexGMusic7 @PhillyD @LindseyStirling @buckhollywood @davedays @laina622 @GloZell @jacksfilims @daneboe @ZoezeeBo @Jenna_Marbles @MarcusButlerTv @EpicMealTime @MsRebeccaBlack @ConnorFranta @sWooZ1e and more

What is VidCon? Seriously if you don't recognize any twitter handles I don't know how to help you haha
This weekend of torture from the online world is finally over! Was about 5 days 1 week plus minus of content after/pre of them as well. It was held on the 1-3 August this year at Anaheim, California. A YOUTUBE CONVENTION I MUST NOT MISS besides Playlist Live :(

Thanks Dan and Phil for taking a picture with me there virtually -link-

Official Site -link-