Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones

Didn't understand completely what the synopsis was about and went in with 0 expectations. Ended up loving it like how I did with The Hunger Games. Pretty cool of a movie that I'd watch the sequel if one ever comes out. Love the show but I can't stop looking at Lilly Collins's eyebrows(don't judge). Jamie Campbell Bower was amazing as usual.

  • How does dressing like a hooker will work. Careful now that's my dress
  • Music is supposed to be played with emotions
  • When you find a special someone and you let them in, it will hurt you be careful
  • To love is to destroy
  • Flamethrowers and sword fights are cool
  • Demons and the dark isn't cool
  • Evil always fights back, the good needs to stay strong to bring peace to the world
Left the house around 1plus and went to make my rapid card, reached Queens in 10mins and managed to catch the show at 2.15PM. The show started 10mins later. It was screened in hall 6(the 3D hall) and ended around 4.40PM. Went to send my packages at the PO then chilled in Borders with my caramel drug drink till about 8PM went to buy subway and qbean before heading home. Bought a Galaxie mag cause Avril Lavigne was on the cover. Oh and Jamie + Lilly was at the back
Big news F1 Night Race Singapore

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