Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reachout 2014

Arrived early and was checking out the place before heading inside the hall.

There were two sessions one started in 
the morning with talks and sharing by various influencers who were invited. It was very inspiring and it opened my eyes especially from Rob and Scott. 

Part two kicked off with local acts then came to the highlight which are the YouTube sensations! This event can most likely be called as a "YouTube concert" because not just two but five. They are Jason Chen, Kina Grannis, Madelyn Bailey, David Choi and JunCurryAhn. Local ones like the Malaysian youtubers such as JinnyboyTV, Joseph Germani, Dan Khoo Productions joined the stage announcing the guests and such but everyone was obviously here for these five humans. 

The crowd was very wild and enjoying it very much. I noticed a few familiar faces and asked them how was it. Quote "best concert ever" by a friend of mine who was down all the way from Penang. 

Check out the pictures -link-

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