Saturday, April 19, 2014

YouTube Gathering x KakaoTalk Malaysia

When I found out about the event I wasn't too keen on going because I have already met all of the youtubers attending but for a person who loves malaysian youtubers, this is the perfect chance to see them all under the same roof. I have met each of them from various events and attending another event like this wasn't up my alley but I got an invite +1 to attend but I was wondering who shall I drag along. I ended up saying this to myself "ok so if anyone calls me along I will only go" and low behold my friend Mei Chern was really gunning for this well I was gonna just chill in Penang for the weekend but because I was being her escort things went differently. We planned to depart from Penang early in the morning on the day itself and I was REALLY worried I wouldn't be able to wake up(and I didn't how ironic) Rushed and reached with 10mins to spare(lucky me) then after giving her a tour she went up to sit and I crashed at the lounge till we reached one utama around 1PM. They served TGIF spag and took away as I was eating halfway thank god they gave me another one or I would be starving till after the event. Bad traffic cost us valuable time and chances of being infront were gone due to the fact we were supposed to register at 1.30PM and we reached 2.30PM(malaysian timing malaysian timing) So besides tweeting and trying to spot the people behind KakaoTalk's twitter I was busy taking pictures -read MC's post-

You can read her POV here

Pictures of the event and one "asian eyes" picture of me + GRIM FILM

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