Monday, June 30, 2014

Olloclip 3 Year Kickstarter Anniversary

7th June 2012 -link-

When it launched now three years later it's going strong. Available at every apple store and best buy in the world. It has truly revolutionized the way we take pictures with our phone(sorry apple products only) I have thought long a hard about this because it cost RM299 for the 4 in one lens and RM189 for the case so after converting even plus shipping from the online store(USD30 worldwide) it is still RM170 cheaper than what I get from the apple store in my country. So now I think it's time I got it. Thinking of the white set for a clean start.
The original lens $49.99 + free quick-flip case with the promo code "freecase"

Right now it's 1PM and I'm trying to buy but it doesn't count my free case so I emailed them and waiting for their reply on it.

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