Saturday, June 28, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Didn't sleep last night celebrated my kiddo's 11th birthday with mums gang was going to around 9AM but then my friend called me up to watch a movie in 2 hours so I was kinda worried about crashing but I agreed. Ended up watching the show fetching the sis to Gurney and hanging there till she was done had dinner at chicacgo rib house I had a ribeye steak RM53 which was bad and the ribs was bad. They dropped me off at a bus stop and I reached home around 10PM blasting Linkin Park's new album to stay awake(thank god) The movie was cool but idk why some hated it. Kinda long-ish 3hours. Oh had free coke and small popcorn. Missing Vidcon this weekend~ Had a good time with the wong sisters. Saw my jr LY2 and Mary

- Sometimes mistakes can turn out great. Humans make mistakes. You got to take risks
- Honor till the end
- You still happy we met? Always
- Whenever you look to the stars think of my soul

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