Sunday, July 27, 2014

121212 in Universal Studios Singapore

For the longest amount of time I have always wanted to visit this park. I remember back when I heard the rumor that Singapore would be the home of a major theme park(my guess was Disneyland at first) and after finding out I ran all around the house screaming for joy till mum scolded me for being too crazy
Anyway I found out that it was scheduled to open sometime in 2010 but alas due to budget constraints and parents I was not able to go till god-knows-when. Nevertheless I kept on praying I would be able to finally visit one day and at last the gods have allowed me to terrorize this theme park

When I found out that I might be allowed to take a trip to Singapore during my birthday, I quickly checked with my friends asking if anyone wanted to accompany me.(May-ish)
Being an only child has it's ups and downs(one of them includes not able to take a trip down to Singapore anytime I like) I quickly found 3 friends who were keen on going with me as they have never visited the park(and they were Singaporeans...WHAT? if I lived in Singapore I would have visited the park at least once every month with my trusty annual pass of course)
We planned to arrive at 10AM(when the park opened) but only managed to step in at 12.30AM after a brunch in VivoCity before walking in. It was $2 per entry into Sentosa Island and I was pleasantly surprised at the fact we walked in. Biggest problem was getting the express passes or not(ended up not getting). I got 10% off my ticket when I asked if Malaysians got a discount. I think my friends were slightly jealous cause they had to pay full price(sorry guys).
We tore the place up!
New York-Battlestar Galactica (twice each coaster)-The Mummy-Shrek 4D(caught the fairy godmother taking pictures outside the castle) Too late for rides at Jurassic Park so backtracked to watch the Monster Rock at 6PM I think-Then went back to take pics at Jurassic Park and everywhere else we missed. It was raining :( Having fun pressing pennys, planking and going crazy with these bunch of people was insanely fun!

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