Sunday, September 14, 2014

Youth Jam 2014 @ Penang, Malaysia

About a week before the closing date my friend MC asked me if I wanted to join. I said yes then 3 weeks before the event she couldn't make it due to uni so I got nut to join me. I wasn't too keen at first but after checking out the event it felt like an amazing race style so that's why I agreed.

She picked me up at 6.30AM and we headed to McD for breakfast I got like a big breakfast set and hotcakes(I hardly ever get to eat this so I took advantage of the situation and splurged) Spent the whole day WALKING around from esplanade and take a selfie with the main door-chew jetty selfie and spent 50 cents to buy yj wristband-beach street digi store selfie-murals to find 3 specific ones-camera museum had to find another team to spell the word digi-esplanade for a clue-komtar above rapid board-gurney redbox sing a song-chatime paragon. Reached back at 2ish checked in 60/100 headed to bbq plaza gurney for food then back around 5, sadly wasn't the top 13 teams to win. Went to starbucks drive tru reached home 9pm. Exhausted crashed by 11pm

Fun tiring exciting might join again if it has a second edition maybe

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