Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Johnny Cupcakes x Linkin Park Collab Pre-Order

Camped out online wondering when will it drop. It dropped at 1.19AM on the 28 October 2014


I needed this. Now I need to get the Hard Rock Cafe one!
Sent it to my buddy in the UK so that I'll stand a chance to win a pair of m&g tickets if not hope to win the poster. Crossing my body haha
Get the shirt -link-

Oh I bought this as well

Medium Eagle Henly $15

Classic Crossbones Keychain $5 

Shipping total $78.75 to ma london address
Rules -link- Ends on 17th November
22/11/14 : Found out the winners sighs
25/12/14 : They're shipping now I wonder when I will get it and oh if you missed this LP has it on their site till idk when -link-

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