Sunday, November 30, 2014

SP Gang Hangs of 2014

This year has prob be the first time in ages and as organizer I'm super proud of myself as I got to see my gang lots of times in Penang :)

1st hang on the 10/7/14 - PZ, granny, nerd, celia, jerry, joel
2nd hang on the 6/9/14 part 1  - Cat, celia, jerry, nerd
3rd hang 6/9/14 part 2 - Celia, nerd, KT

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bethany Joy Lenz Kickstarter Project

70 hours to go -link-

Been a huge fan since the one tree hill days and hearing her coming out with an EP I would love to support anyway I can. Officially no 436 overall and no31 in my category.
Wanted to pledge USD100+(Listening party in LA oh how I wish to attend / a chance to win an autographed guitar) but I just got the $75 + $5 shipping to me. I will be getting a tweet from her with my picture, instagram shoutout, a note, a copy of her EP autographed which is cool.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Midnight movie with dad
Sorry to everyone who heard me quoting
Ruined my ticket in the washing machine
Been waiting a year for it to come out

Parts I liked :

Never let them see you bleed - snow
The scene sisters nightmare secrets I want that
I'm still betting on you girl on fire.
If we burn you burn with us.
Maybe if I wasn't so wounded we could take a shot at being friends.
Meet you at the hanging tree.
You went back for the cat are you stupid I couldn't leave buttercup behind.
Talk about something anything Hospital they'll be stupid not to.
Tried to fl asleep wake up the nightmares.
Fall but get back up.
It's the things we loved that will hurt us the most.
Is the worst torture in the world waiting for things you have to control of.
It won't fail you this has kept you alive for this long.