Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

I was planning to watch this the day after my birthday and asked around who wanna watch. Ended up watching with Amanda, Rahula for her birthday in Gurney after my lunch in Paragon with Clarissa, Nut and Kasvini. Hanged till 11PM with them then I went home they continued near their crib. Got to see the bro Justin Liew. Was a really chill time having drinks and burgers at the mamak while hanging out. The first part the dragon scene was the best!

Some quotes I liked :

-You cannot save him from the fire. He will burn.
-You have nothing left. How will you survive?
-You are not alone for as long as I shall live you have someone who has your back
-Do not tell me about losses. You have no idea how much I lost
-A mans word is the most powerful thing. A promise made and shattered is dead
-Loyalty trust friendship family
-Father protects the family but
-So blinded by the rage you lose focus on the right path
-I won't ask you to fight my battles for me but I hope you can get through them with me by my side
-So many lives paid for a kings ransom 
-When you watch your love one die. You lose it all
-Love has no boundaries you must be brave
-You did what any true friend will do. Forgive me for I was blind 
-Your mother loves you more than anyone anything even life remember that
-If this is love I don't want it why does it hurt so much because it was real
-To me...he was a friend

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