Friday, December 5, 2014

Youth Sensation Global Tour 2014

I was really blessed with the chance to cover this event. One of the few international events I got to attend outside of my country. This was held at the coliseum hard rock hotel singapore with acts like Nathan Hartono, Gavin Teo, JA(Jonas and Anton), Tanner Patrick and Tiffany Alvord. To be honest I have not heard of the front only Tanner and Tiffany but they put on a good show nonetheless, really cool guys but I barely got time to have a chat with them. 
It was really nice getting to finally meet Tanner and he promised he would put on a show in Malaysia soon. Chatted with Tiffany for a bit and I noticed her feeling very tired from all the press stuff throughout her stay in Singapore and her previous stop in Manila with Tanner. It was really good to see her again. Wish they would had toured Malaysia as well but too bad maybe in 2015 they will come. I can't wait to see them soon

Breakfast, paintball, vivo city mall, met with Marcus under the candy tree, concert, hanged with the fam, fetched my friend Faith home, supper with cousin and then home(8AM-3AM)

Here are some of the pictures I took :

 Two of her brothers joined her on stage while she was performing

 A surprise : The bro sis duo singing all about that bass

 Giving out goodies! Careful now don't hit anyone

 Just a face in the crowd but you still notice me

Tiffany's birthday is on the 11th but we celebrated it again after the finale song

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