Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Looking through my photos and I came across this I was placed 3rd in this comp and it was cool. I remember wanting to join it after seeing the ad on a k-zone magazine.


On the day it was released "Camped out online" dropped 1.10AM by 1.5AM sold out on the website couldn't even add to card and check out.
Finally after having trouble getting the watch I managed to buy one on 9/12/12 and got a friend to deliver it from USA-Malaysia at my playground today which is awesome. Kinda have a new obsession on watches and funko pop toys lately lol 

I like the owl and northern lights watches too
Thanks Cori Poff and Valerie!

G-shock G-lide Aurora GLS8900AR-3D

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Lucky I had an off day so I could attend this annual event which has happened for the last two years. As usual lunch, coffee hangout and exchanging of gifts. Managed to see my kiddos but the girl was kinda sick she still bullied me anyways lol I got RX's name and I gave auto hand soap with mum. 11-6PM then after that went for dinner at another place had laksa, wern made a bean jelly thing, popiah, and another bday cake with another set of mums friends, kept complaining to go home reached nearly midnight and I had work the next day overall good day but I needed to go home and sleep.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


So I took a train ride with my mums gang here's the pictures I took of the day

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Last min I managed to get a friend to accompany me for the show which is cool. So tgv cinemas gurney paragon was having a special screening of the show both part 1 and part 1 and I'm glad they decided to do it in penang as well cause they never do but before that let's skip to the start of the day first. Went to pick up Sky from the hospital cause I dented it and the filter got stuck then met up with Hanael, we decided to go to kanemochi for some mochi ice cream. Split the 4 one with her then I got an extra 4 pc(we tried lime/yam/milk tea/yogurt/strawberry/cookiescream/mocha/chocolate). Chilled till about 3PM then she dropped me off in gurney I decided to go to urban coffee to kill time. Ordered a peanut butter blended and cake which was awesome and I "set up my office"(I can see myself working here if the wifi was good). They offered beats headphones to use which was cool. Chilled till 6.30PM cause the pin redemption was started at 7PM but they told me it will open at 7.30PM so I went to take the sunset pictures outside but as I was finishing setting up it rained bleh there was a promo first 50 customers will get the pin and the second one the hunger games combo consisted of a popcorn and free refills drink for the whole movie. I got 3 refills and was lucky to get the pin. Reached home around 2AM
Out of all the jump crew I still see and keep in touch with this two the most.

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