Saturday, June 27, 2015

Maplestory turns 10 x Sungha Jung LIVE in Penang 2015

First time taking leave on a saturday for an event + second one only came later around 4PM

10-6PM : It has been years since 2007 or 8 if I'm not mistaken the last event maple had in Penang. Naturally I wanted to go I applied leave on tueday saying I had to attend a wedding haha oops ;0 So arrived a lil before 10 and waited for the briefing didn't know what we were gonna be assigned with but I was hoping I got to be the photographer. After the rest got their roles venshi approached me and asked about me taking pictures throughout the event and I said yes! So we had a photobooth thing and I suggested to the maplers if they wanted they could let me take a picture of them and print it on the spot. My other friend Bryan did the whole photobooth thing which was cool luck consisted of nuggets fries cokes I have never seen so many in my life! 
7-midnight : Attended the concert with mums gang managed to smuggle but wasn't keen on snapping so no pics from Sky I could if it was darker and ushers weren't crawling around then after that supper at northen beach cafe. Somehow I was feeling very hungry and polished off a cheese sausage, steak, mash potatos and apple juice. Crashed in the car at around 11 on the way home. 
Today was awesome but tiring~

Here are the pics :