Thursday, June 23, 2016


When I first heard about the tees I was excited but then for $35.99 a tee I was really hesitant(same like the previous release xmen one regret not getting the cyclops big kid) ended up getting a pikachu crossbones on the last day of the preorder which fell today 23/6/26. Wanted to get the togepi and charmander but it wasn't really a must for me so I passed on it. Maybe I can get it next time when the price is right but for now I copped one from the release. Decided on shipping to me $13 vs shipping to my usa address for $6 cause I have lots of stuff going there and I wonder how am I gonna get it/when will I get it back haha
Only have the year done and we are already getting so much cool stuff from the head baker. Unfortunately this year saw the closing of the LA store after 8 years and I was fortunate enough to visit it back in 2014 when I took a trip to USA. 10 year anni of boston and 4 years of MV was celebrated recently and there were some sick shirts which sadly I didn't managed to get oh well more money for the ones I really want.

Which one would you had gotten if you could pick two?
Pokemon(pikachu and charmander)

Xmen(mine would be cyclops big kid and wolf crossbones)

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