Sunday, August 14, 2016


Third tourney with the team(legency dodgeball team) woke up at 5AM to depart with dylan and scott(woke up late haha) and reached ipoh at 7ish popped by subway for breakfast then went to the venue reached at 8AM. The boys played first till around noon when we got ready for our games. Played 3 rounds unfortunately didn't win any but my own goal of killing the girls and holding as the last one standing was alright I guess. No pics of me playing got a video or two but it wasn't good so didn't upload. Didn't take as much pics as I wanted but here's a few and the rest can be found here. Went back around 4ish got a starbucks for the ride home and crashed till 9ish then I had my dinner wash up and slept.

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