Friday, December 16, 2016


Made plans with nut and kasvini...didn't know what to do so decided to catch a movie with them. Not really huge fans of cartoon movies but I thought I'll give this a shot. It wasn't bad liked a couple of songs from the movie. So we went to makan pie habour I had a set lunch of pasta and grapefruit juice+garlic bread then choc waffle half moon thing and salon du chocolate and a latte. Halfway before the movie started I break'd off cause earlier I had a call saying my baby cameron was fixed and we were rushing to meet up my friend so didn't managed to collect. Ended up getting it while the girls went shopping and made it in time for the movie. After that went to gurney to grab a drink a urban coffee and broke with them around 9pm mum was around so I played pokemon till 10PM when she was done. Oh and today is the last day I'm 23

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