Tuesday, February 28, 2017


23/11/16 - So I found out via twitter and a friend of mine who told be that the pokemon cafe will be coming to malaysia so naturally I googled all the info I can get. Found out it opened on the day I was gonna go to KL and usually I would take the later bus(5pm) to KL but since I was worried that I wouldn't arrive in time I decided to take the earlier(9AM bus oh well. Was worried it would be full but surprisingly the wait wasn't that bad maybe 10mins tops ordered my food and was seated in the cafe. I was lucky I arrived around 2PM and a pikachu was wandering around. Had to bring out my johnny cupcakes pikachu shirt for the occasion :D I wasn't expecting much as it was a theme cafe so you pay for the "art" not food but it was alright I guess. No freebie unlike in singapore when you order certain items you will get a pokeball mug/great ball mug(hmm maybe I'll pop by the cafe in singapore to get it) Anyways I was taking pics of every inch of everything so glad I did not spend my money in singapore cafe as it's nearly 3 times the amount. Price wise it was decent it was dollar to dollar which meant it was cheap here. Got two free coasters. There were a couple of merch on sale but nothing caught my eye. Wanted to get a shirt but it was like RM40 total damage was like RM100

20/2/17 - Second visit a week before it closed. I couldn't stop thinking about going one more time before it closed cause my gut told me

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