Friday, July 21, 2017


Before I went to bed I was online and I saw a post from a friend on fb I didn't wanna believe I thought it was a hoax but as soon as I woke up I was flooded with him passing away. It hurt it's like losing a member of a family, someone who knew you who's music impacted you at your lowest times. Chester from linkin park has been part of my past and present feelings. When I couldn't turn to anyone music was my escape my drug something that kept me sane. Regret not being able to catch them live when they performed here in 2013 but tickets were too expensive and I thought there would be a next time. I guess not anymore. It sucks he chose to take this path not gonna lie I have thought about it before guess maybe that's why my friends left they were scared they didn't wanna be responsible to whatever happened. The world is a beautiful and dangerous place, this life we have we only have one life. Go do whatever you want to do and live it with no regrets cause tomorrow is not promised. I love you guys if anything happens to me thank you for being my friend
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Was gonna save this for a special occasion but this day with this shirt seems fitting~


Since it was another marvel movie I had to watch it. Unfortunately the guy was so annoying(if this was how it was supposed to be I heard it's the closest to the comics) then I can see why the avengers didn't want him in the group cause he's still a kid a trouble making kid nonetheless. About 10mins in stan lee appeared which was cool. Story was alright but I preferred the og first one and the actors from the second movie remakes. Didn't stay for the end credits too boring already. Rating 3/5 from me